Life is beautiful yet short. So with the precious time that I have, I'd love to work alongside individuals who understand that our lives are gifts to be celebrated. My manifesto is a reminder to myself and others of how I not only choose to work, but to live.

Be IntentionaL

To achieve my goals and dream, I will cultivate an intentional life, reflective of my values and beliefs. I want to surround myself with people and experiences that bring joy to my life. To make decisions that my future self will look back on and be proud of, regardless of the outcomes. 


Be Playful

Taking time to play, enjoy my hobbies and create passion projects is not only fun, but extremely valuable to me. I will always make time to indulge myself with laughter and joy.  


Be Collaborative

Working alongside individuals from various backgrounds and different fields of expertise is an amazing opportunity that I wish to indulge in, again and again. By collaborating with others, my strengths work with theirs to create amazing experiences, not only for ourselves but for those who interact with our work. 

Be Kind

To live fully, I will be kind. Kind to the world we live in. Kind to the people I meet. And most of all, kind to myself. I will cater to my needs before catering to the needs of others, for an empty cup can't fill another. Some days I will be energized and ready to take on the world. Some days I will want to do nothing but hide under the sheets. Nonetheless, I will work to be kind to myself and others, under all circumstances. 


Be Helpful

I have become who I am today, thanks to everyone who has directly and indirectly helped me along the way. By helping and being helped, I've discovered more about my truest self. Therefore, I will do my best to help others when I am at my fullest and highest self, so my actions come from a place of positivity and love.