Me Before You: The Journey of Self Love

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Let’s face it.

The most incredible relationship we will ever have within our lifetime isn’t with our adventurous best friends, our soon-to-be-husbands, or even our sassy, but loving mums.

The most incredible relationship we will ever have is with ourselves.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Beyonce was telling the truth when she sang, “Me, myself and I / That’s all I got in the end / That’s what I found out”.

After all, regardless of how many platonic or romantic relationships you may have, the common denominator will always be you. So why is it that we spend so much time getting to know everyone else, but ourselves?

When we’re getting to know someone else, we’re paying attention to all their facial expressions, having intimate conversations about their deepest fears and asking about their childhood memories. We’re encouraging them to share their talents and show the world how incredible they are. We’re helping them learn more and more about themselves, revealing parts of themselves they never knew existed.

But throughout all of this, do we ever take the time to reflect upon our own existence?

Do you know how your emotions actually appear to others? Are you an open book or a poker face champion? Have you thought about your own deepest fear? Is it death? Being unloved? Having no status in the world? How has your childhood shaped who you are now? Did you rebel against the rules or simply fall in line? Are you a people pleaser or straight shooter? Do you ask for help when you need it or shoulder your issue(s) alone?

To answer these questions and the many more that will cross our path, we need to start investing in our existence as much as we do for others.

By asking ourselves the difficult questions, the questions that require reflection, the questions that need us to look at our weaknesses and failures, we will find the answers that will bring us closer to being in alignment with who we are, not who we think we need to be.

It is as we learn more about ourselves that we will begin to thrive in our lives and attract others who are working to do the same.

The journey of self love isn’t easy. It’s an uphill climb, full of setbacks and victories, tears and laughter, madness and joy.

But once you begin reflecting on what makes you who you are and start acting in your truth, you’ll attract more possibilities for yourself than you could’ve ever imagined.