Design with Purpose

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Most business owners want a design solution that is fast, good, and cheap. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to create an authentic, eye-catching visual identity under all three of those conditions. Designing a brand’s aesthetic is more than simply choosing beautiful colour palettes and font systems. The best way to develop a brand identity that resonates with the appropriate audience is by using a purposeful, holistic approach.

As designers, it’s our job to ask our clients to reflect, discover and proudly state, not only why they decided to build their businesses but how their businesses serve others. By having our clients understand the values that they make decisions from, it allows us to develop a brand aesthetic that is aligned with its audience’s needs and the marketing objectives of the business.

In order to do so, we need to be purposeful with our decisions, and most importantly, we need time.

Time to Define
Not every business owner can clearly and passionately state their business values with ease, which is why we need to dedicate time in the design process for exploration. Defining your brand’s voice, characteristics and values is a key step to differentiate yourself from your competition.

One step of the design process should include an extensive brand discovery questionnaire, where clients should be asked questions like:
What makes your customers smile about your brand?
What inspires you to wake up everyday and work on your business?
How does your brand serve others?

Questions like these can be difficult to answer, however, by doing so, we establish a strong foundation for your brand.

Time to Reflect
Once your brand’s values have been defined, it’ll make the overall branding process much easier. We have an end goal in mind about how we want the brand to interact, look and feel towards your audience, while staying aligned to your values.

With each decision, you can reflect on how every facet will amplify your brand story.

As you’re developing your brand identity, consider questions such as:
Will this connect my brand with my target audience?
Am I conveying the right emotion?
Is this design telling my brand’s story in the best way?

Once you get to this point in the design process, you’ll begin to understand the magic of authentic storytelling and how it can create powerful connections with your audience.

Time to Celebrate
It’s quite easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks of running a business, without taking any time to acknowledge your daily wins. Developing your visual aesthetic quickly becomes another checkmark on your super long to-do list.

Slow down.

At the end of the design process, take a moment and celebrate the creation of your brand identity. Appreciate all the hard work that you endured in order to bring it to life. After all, this is the start of a new beginning for you and your business.