Hi, I'm Kelisha.

I’m an art director, visual storyteller and smile ambassador (one who promotes the act of smiling) based in Toronto.

To me, design is an universal language that holds the ability to evoke emotion, solve challenges and create memorable experiences. It’s a bit magical in its own way. Terrible design ruins the interaction for audience, whereas brilliant design makes the interaction so seamless and wonderful. That is why design is my chosen method of expression. It’s an invisible, yet incredibly powerful force. And thus, with my passion for photography and art direction, I strive to craft visual solutions that tell stories - stories filled with truth, authenticity, and a bit of magic.

When I’m not working, I enjoy swapping book recommendations, trying different types of cuisine, and going on photoshoot dates with my loved ones. If I’m not at home, I’m spending hours roaming around in Chapters, or taking a walk through a park (because I was a flower fairy in my past life).

During your stay here, I hope gain inspiration for your own creative work, and learn to bring magic into your everyday life. One day at a time.