Kelisha 2 Lores.jpg

Hello there!

I'm Kelisha Brown and I love to laugh.

I'm an art director and designer who is passionate about creative expression, the philosophy of happiness and spending time with my loved ones.

Most days, you'll can find me at my desk working on projects,  jamming out to my favourite tracks with a big smile on my face. I'm a photographer (always down for a spontaneous photoshoot), an avid reader (book recommendations are welcomed!), a food enthusiast (who loves spicy, flavourful dishes). Travelling to new places excites me, and I love how magical it feels to explore the world beyond my home.

I'm a storyteller, a fruit connoisseur, and a dancing queen. 


"Learning to discover the magic within the everyday chaos that we call life is what I believe in. Life's too short not to spread positivity and good vibes!"


To me, design is an universal language that holds the ability to evoke emotion, solve challenges, and create memorable experiences. By intertwining visual storytelling, content strategy and the magic of collaboration, I strive to deliver incredible experiences with everyone I work with.